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💛 How We Started

💛 MY INSPIRATION is my nephew, Henry, who was born with Down Syndrome. Henry is adorable and adds light and joy to all who know him and he is now 6 years old.

My sister, Henry's Mom, and I searched all over for jewelry that would allow us to celebrate and support those with Down Syndrome. We found most things were not made in The United States, were very similar in style, and many handmade items did not give back to the Down Syndrome community.

So together, we created TRIBE. The three carrots that comprise the "I" in the logo, are representative of the three copies of the 21st chromosome that all individuals with Down Syndrome have.


💙 WE DONATE a percentage of proceeds of every sale to various Down Syndrome Awareness Organizations. As of January 2021, we are donating proceeds to D.S.D.N. (Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network).